Lola’s coming back…

8 11 2010

…6 months and a beautiful baby girl later…I’m back!

Ariana May Josephine was born 26th July, 4 weeks early and doing really well. Mum & dad enjoying every waking moment (there’s plenty more of those) and relishing in parenthood.
With that, I have neglected my blog and my website somewhat and some of you newbies to my site may be wondering what you’re looking at…
My website and blog were predominantly for my landscape work and whilst I will be continuing my love and passion for capturing landscapes, I am also going to focus and open your eyes to my passionate flair for baby and child portraiture (a little obvious I know I know) and also my simple approach to product photography for those up and coming and small businesses in my area.
With all of that in mind, I will be trying out a new look site (updating when I can so bear with me) to show off the latest work in all areas.
For those who miss me at the St Kilda Esplanade Artists Market each Sunday, I may be having a casual stall through the summer if I can otherwise you can still look on my website for sale so be sure to take a look and contact me for quantities and prices.

Thanks for all the support along the way so far and I look forward to enticing new eyes and inspiring you all yet again with a new range of capturing the moment!


Photography by Lola’s Market Stall Closing

22 04 2010

Shopfront Update:

Esplanade Handmade Art Market, Sundays 10am-5pm

Well it is sad but true. It has been an exciting and fun time each week setting up the stall at St Kilda and meeting and inspiring so many wonderful people, (ok the loading/unloading the car wasn’t all that fun) but we’re moving onto bigger and better things…stay tuned for Lola’s latest pics coming soon. (I swear!)

I am planning to close the market stall in 4 weeks time, as I am currently 5 months pregnant with our first child and ever so excited but I have all this stock we can’t have sitting around for 6 months – so it’s all being cleared and I want it gone in 4 weeks!

I will continue to maintain this blog however and sell pieces of my work via my main website and although I’ve not made as much an effort so far these last couple of months contributing to this blog (who knew pregnancy took so much out of you?) once the stall is settled and finished I promise to make more of a concerted effort and get you all inspired again…maybe a few of you can push some inspiration my way? What are you shooting, what interests you and captures your eye in photography? I want more interaction people especially since being home with bubs soon…you may be my only contact to the outside world LOL

So I have an enormous amount of stock I need to clear out and it all begins this Sunday at the markets (weather permitting) and you can bag yourself some real bargains with a bunch of stock at half price!  I still have some lovely framed pics such as a one off series of 3 12×12″ white timber framed and double mounted native orchid images that were $55 each and now $100 for the set!! Or perhaps a wow factor 32×20″ mounted image of the Eiffel Tower from $180 now just $100??

If you have a favourite image and you’ve not adorned your wall with inspiration yet…be quick before the last of them walk out the…area??? 🙂

Lola and a half

Frames Frames Frames!

17 02 2010

Lola has finally taken the plunge and now offers a range of images framed and ready to hang on the wall…it’s as simple as that.

Come on down to The Esplanade markets this weekend and get in early to see the framed black and white and rustic look timber frames.


The Esplanade Markets St Kilda – I’m Back!

26 01 2010

After an ‘interesting’ start to the year in I was in the unfortuante position of having to take some time out for myself and as such was not able to show my face behind the stall as much at the St Kilda or the Botanic Markets.

But as of THIS Sunday all is looking positive for a comeback and it would be great to see a many faces to help me get back into the swing of things!

I will have one last day of clearance stock most at 50% off so if you want a large professional fine art image to adorn your walls, then get in this Sunday for a bargain.

New stock will be filtering through the shopfront over the coming months so be sure to stay on the look out!


New Year Brings More Passion for Photography

2 01 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you have all had a wonderful festive break and it’s back to reality now and plans should be underway for a successful and exciting 2010.

I am in the midst of planning for the year ahead myself and I’ve included just a few of the things to come below:

  • Tips and tricks of the trade will continue through my blog so be sure to subscribe to ensure you won’t miss out on any updates and projects and in particular the photographic competitions!!
  • I will also this year begin a photographic meet-up for the Mornington Peninsula area from which you will be able to attend from all levels of expertise (or lack there of) to learn further skills using your camera, or software and be able to share and discover how others approach their photography enabling you to broaden your own repertoire! From such meet-ups, we will create projects to get you inspired and location shoots for you to find your passions.
  • There will also be the chance to book yourself one-on-one workshops with myself should you wish to learn more about fine art landscape and define what you see and how to interpret that into a photograph image worth enlargening to place proudly on your own wall…or someone elses!

Along with writing my own book and continuing the market stall at The Esplanade Markets St Kilda, whilst keeping an eye out for a retail position, looks as though it will be a fun filled, exciting and busy year ahead and I would love for you to follow this journey and be a part of it.

Share in the passion and be inspired!


Markets in the Garden & 2 Weeks till Christmas…

9 12 2009

Just two weeks to Christmas and the idea of Christmas shopping is just a good a reason to want to escape than anything…

But don’t despair, come to the Markets in the Garden this Saturday at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne for some fantastic gifts handmade and unique…just perfect for anyone in your family or for friends.

But don’t despair, come to the Markets in the Garden this Saturday at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne for some fantastic gifts handmade and unique…just perfect for anyone in your family or for friends.

Fashion, Art, Photography (I can personally vouch for these!) Skincare, Jewellery, Plants, Sculptures, Baby Gifts and Clothing, Toys, delicious food  and yes there is more!

A wonderful day out to walk around the stunning boutique style markets whilst grabbing a bite to eat.

Why not bring a picnic rug and enjoy the garden views!!

P.S. Lola’s Christmas cards are selling fast so get in this weekend to ‘Markets in the Garden‘ on Saturday and/or The Esplanade Markets St. Kilda on Sunday and grab yourself some lovely unique aussie cards to hand out on Christmas day and we also have a number of reduced items left of images I’ve chosen to discontinue (to make way for new images every month!)


Using Colour in Photography

8 12 2009

Where it began:

I was the girl who wore red and pink together for years when everyone told me ‘it clashed’! I wore pink socks with red shoes, red sweaters with pink skirts…if I had red and pink in my wardrobe I’d be wearing it together!

Perhaps this fascination with pushing colour boundaries as a child (at the time when reds and pink clash – or do they still? – just like blue and green should never be seen – although some say unless another colour in between??) and colour theories was a start to my artistic venture and love for colour in design, art and photography. I do know that colour  set moods and emotions, it has power and can extend communication of an image further than you could imagine.

Consider this:

If one who obeys the ‘rules’ but never pushes them will rarely create a piece of divine work, then one must utilize the lessons and rules but unite these with creative imagination to produce their own stamp of individuality. Essentially…learn the rules with the sole notion to break the rules!

So is colour something considered when you seek a composition in photography? What do you know about colour and the theory to enhance, balance and strengthen an image?

As a painter, you would most definitely need to consider colour and understand their relation to one another because in order to create a painting, you are required to blend them to create new ones and apply theory regarding use of  primary, secondary, tertiary, complimentary amd harmonizing colours and of course the affect of intensity to colour.

Without babbling too much, as there are many places you can find further in depth information on theory of colour, I just want to express my personal thoughts to inspire others with the rules, lessons and experiences I have encountered as well as adding my individual artistic ability on how you can apply the simplest of ideas to your own photographic work.

To the point:

Essentially what we need to do to use colour effectively is to ‘look’ (well this is a good start of course) for interesting colour combinations.

Such combinations will be colours that compliment each other i.e. when you look at a common colour wheel complimentary colours are those that sit opposite such as purple and yellow or green and red (the colours of Christmas – perhaps even this is a marketing ploy…as I said, colours are powerful and when used with a good understanding can draw attention and emotion).

Another level from just understanding how colours behave, relate and their effect to the human eye, is that it can also create perspective in an image. Utilizing warm colours such as colour cast by a setting sun in a foreground will draw attention to and bring forward an image, whilst cooler colours such as a blue sky or water will fade out and move back such attention creating therefore…a beautiful three-dimensional flattering and empowering image with enhanced perspective!

An Example:

Using Colours to Enhance Perspective

Notice the blue colours of the sky and water at the top and around the edges complimenting one another with the warmth of the sand and cliff faces in the foreground,  deepening perspective drawing your eye in and around the total image? Also note the intensity of the colours which are almost pastel and very light overall. The cool colours create a feeling of calm and relaxation. The warm colours promote comfort and passionate emotions. The overall ‘lightness’ created by the magical time of day at dusk,  create a feeling of openness and pastel colours evoke innocance and romance…

Put it all together and I see a mood lifting image connected with fond memories,tranquility and contentedness.

Moment of thought:

There is a vast array of lessons to be learnt in the art world and I’ve seen, heard and experienced many different areas of art, which I guess helps me today (which can help you now) as I can use all that I’ve learnt from art, design, illustrating and photography as well fields such as marketing and advertising. But likewise you may have experience from a variety of other sources that you can apply your own theories of colour. Think it over; what do you know about colour and how can you maximize your images and empower them My point I guess is that colour and it’s harmonious uses are all around us in every day living. Flowers, trees our natural environment makes great use of colour as I’ve mentioned before and this if nothing else, is something for you to look further at and understand how you can use colour better in your photography.

Be inspired and remember…

Art is acquired through lessons (of life?) and ripened through experience…