Lola’s coming back…

8 11 2010

…6 months and a beautiful baby girl later…I’m back!

Ariana May Josephine was born 26th July, 4 weeks early and doing really well. Mum & dad enjoying every waking moment (there’s plenty more of those) and relishing in parenthood.
With that, I have neglected my blog and my website somewhat and some of you newbies to my site may be wondering what you’re looking at…
My website and blog were predominantly for my landscape work and whilst I will be continuing my love and passion for capturing landscapes, I am also going to focus and open your eyes to my passionate flair for baby and child portraiture (a little obvious I know I know) and also my simple approach to product photography for those up and coming and small businesses in my area.
With all of that in mind, I will be trying out a new look site (updating when I can so bear with me) to show off the latest work in all areas.
For those who miss me at the St Kilda Esplanade Artists Market each Sunday, I may be having a casual stall through the summer if I can otherwise you can still look on my website for sale so be sure to take a look and contact me for quantities and prices.

Thanks for all the support along the way so far and I look forward to enticing new eyes and inspiring you all yet again with a new range of capturing the moment!




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